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Your Excellence Planner

Your Excellence Planner

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Create and manage your days based on the scientifically proven 7 Power Practices to SUCCEED .  This personal management system helps focus on your personal growth and self-mastery.  Set your goals, design your day, stay organized, and optimize your personal effectiveness for success.

  • Scientifically Proven 7 power practices to succeed and be your best self

  • Construct Your Life Vision

    Your written mission statement and desired life, broken down into actionable goals and tasks.

  • Stay motivated and inspired

    Morning affirmations, gratitude and motivational messages help you start your day from a positive place setting your day for success and reflecting on your daily doings and achievements every evening.

  • Focus On What Matters

    Mindfulness prompts, practises and trackers, help you get the most out of each day so you live a life in your excellence, being your best self.

  • Created From Scientifically Proven Practices not just Not Just Theories

    This tool was designed for your excellence so you can be your best self and live your best life.


  • Organize and manage your time
  • Life vision pages to clarify goals


  • Daily Tasks List
  • Evening Reflections   
  • Daily page at a glance
  • Weekly Review
  • Monthly Review

Available Planner Inserts:

  • Social and Environmental Audit
  • Mindfulness Tracker
  • Comprehensive Goal Planning and Achievement System
  • Mission Statement 
  • Goals Setting and Reflections
  • Gratitude Attitude & Reflections
  • Exercise Log
  • Meal Plan Prep
  • Mindfulness Tracker
  • Conversation Template
  • Conversation Reflections


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